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I went to EC Fitness because I felt I needed to get in shape for work and for sports. I did the CrossFit thing and tried weight lifting on my own, and it just wasn’t enough. I was looking for a new challenge. I consider myself somewhat of an athlete, having played all types of sports and I am an active jiu jitsu practitioner. I even competed in a few MMA matches. I thought I would be able to handle Eddie's workouts and maybe lift weights on the side, just because I didn't think working out at EC Fitness would be enough. You have no idea how wrong I was. I've experienced a lot of challenging things in life but none of them kicked my a$$ like EC Fitness. The first few workouts had me crawling out the door on my hands and knees. But the results speak for themselves, and as hard as the workouts may seem, it always leaves you wanting to come back for more. I’ve been going to EC fitness since 2013, and I'm still completely challenged by the different workouts Eddie comes up with each and every day.

At the age of 39, I entered a jiu jitsu tournament and only had a couple of months to prepare for it. The only thing I changed from training at my jiu jitsu school from previous preparations, was working out at EC fitness. In those two months, after adding the Warrior Classes to my regimen, I felt like I invincible! I also dropped the needed weight for my weight class and decreased my body fat as a bonus! I felt stronger, faster, and had endurance to finish the fight. I didn't even need to run in order to get into shape! Eddie took care of all that for me with just the Warrior Classes alone! I was able to emerge victorious and I know I couldn't have done it without EC Fitness. I've been in law enforcement for over 12 years and I've heard all the jokes of fat cops who sit around all day eating donuts. Part of my desire to get in shape was because I never wanted to be "that guy." I didn’t want to be "that guy" to put his partner at risk because he was too out of shape to run down a criminal and give his partner back up. Going to EC Fitness ensures that I will never turn into “that guy”. Not only did I see an improvement in my jiu jitsu tournament, but I had an improved endurance while out in the field.

You don't have to be an athlete to join EC Fitness, you just have to want it. Eddie’s motivates you to want to make a change and reach your goals, but only you are the one who actually has that ability. I got my wife to sign up with me, and she is probably the most least athletic person in the world (she will be the first to admit it)! She couldn't even do a push-up before EC Fitness! But after a short 45 days at EC Fitness, my wife was doing push-ups like crazy and even kicks my a$$ at finishing the warrior classes! My wife is testimony that Eddie is always there to help you and challenge you. He modifies each and every workout to your abilities, making sure are doing exercises correctly and also pushing you to limits you never thought possible.

Eddie and Hannah (Eddie’s Wife) are great. They are very friendly and professional. The gym is super clean and centrally located with a LOT of parking! Every piece of equipment in that gym is used to help get you in the best shape of your life! Eddie keeps class size to a very manageable number of 18. You never feel you get lost in the shuffle like other group workout classes. Thank you EC Fitness for everything you’ve done and continue to do for me!


On November 28, 2012, I turned 24, but more importantly than that I made one of the biggest decisions of my life. I had always been somewhat active, played baseball in high school stayed fairly active in college. However, after college things slowed down and work and fun getting started getting in the way of fitness. I weighed 287lbs, which is the heaviest I’ve ever been. I hadn’t really recognized how heavy I had gotten. I figured that I could just get back on the training regime and lose it all. A friend of mine at work had asked if I wanted to check out a gym that she went to. She said it was an array of exercises 60 min long and it was different from normal weight training she had done in the past.

I had decided to take the leap and sign up for the free warrior class at EC Fitness. The rest you could say is history. My first class was a challenge, my entire body was sweating, not just a small areas like I am use to when I go to the gym. About a third of way through the class, I felt the urge to vomit or “get skinny,” as Eddie would call it. Apparently, it happens to a lot of first timers, but you will make it through!

This class is a mixture of weight training and cardio at the same time. You are constantly moving with short rest breaks throughout. The types of exercises and range of motion that I was able to achieve through these classes are phenomenal. Eddie, the trainer and owner of the gym really pushed me and also tailored exercises to me specifically which was awesome and motivated me even more to want to do the actual exercise rather than the altered versions. It’s a group exercise class, so its an awesome experience to get inspired by those around you, in such a welcoming atmosphere. The classes aren’t geared towards a certain type of individual or age group which was even more motivating. Its for anyone and everyone! After the first class, even though I felt dead tired and soaked with sweat Eddie congratulated me on my first class and also handed me an amazing orange cream protein shake (you get one after each class). I decided to sign up for the Warrior Class 3 times a week! There is something about the class made me want to come back again and again. Eddie’s Philosophy is “YOU vs. YOU,” and it is so true because YOU are only going to get out of this class what YOU put in. I made the conscious effort to invest in myself rather than drinking and eating out all the time, it was the best decision that I have ever made and I will forever be grateful for what EC Fitness has done for me.

It is September 2013, and I have been going to EC fitness for a little over 9 months. I can’t say that the classes have gotten any easier if at all, I can however 100% say that this gym has changed my life. I have lost 77lbs and 4 inches off my waist. I AM 210lbs!!!! Not only has EC Fitness changed the way that I work out, but it has also changed my diet as well. I have never gone on any of those crazy diets to help me drop weight faster since I started the Warrior Classes. I spoke with Eddie about what I should focus on eating, when, and how much. This has also helped with the healthy lifestyle and mindset that I will continue from here until the rest of my life. Thank you Eddie and EC Fitness!!


I started going to EC Fitness in January 2013. I found them through my friend who bought a Groupon, she started going to EC Fitness to lose some weight before her wedding. I was overweight and insecure and was nervous to meet with Eddie. I was also intimidated entering a gym because I couldn’t even do a push up! When I had my first consultation with Eddie, he was very attentive and understanding. He asked me what my goals were, what I wanted to achieve. He made a program for me that concentrated on my specific goals.

I started attending personal training sessions with Eddie, which helped me build up strength, endurance and confidence. Eddie is very encouraging and really wants to help you get healthy and reach your goals. Once I felt comfortable, I tried out the warrior classes. I was nervous to try the group exercise class, but everyone was so welcoming and made me feel comfortable (Also another plus, Eddie refers to all of us by name!).

Now I really like the warrior classes too! They are challenging and always different. Eddie packs each class with full body resistance exercises, lifting weights, using medicine balls, TRX, and core strengthening. If an exercise is too difficult, he gives you a variation, he is accommodating even in a large class! It is never a dull moment in his classes, and I’ve never felt better in my life.

Eddie even helped me with my eating habits. I have lost a total of 64lbs so far! I went from size 16 to a size 8 and went from 33.5% body fat to 15% body fat with Eddie's guidance. I would not be where I am today without his help. Eddie has helped me tremendously with my weight issues which I have had majority of my life. He genuinely cares about your well-being and will help you achieve your goals.


Before EC Fitness, I was a Groupon/Living Social workout junkie. I bought almost every deal for a bootcamp or TRX fitness class. But once I found EC Fitness, all other Groupon deals, workouts, and trainers, paled in comparison to my Eddie and his warrior workouts.

I found EC Fitness in August 2013 when I innocently bought a Groupon. I have worked out with the owner and trainer, Eddie, 3 days a week ever since. From the very first workout, I knew I was home. EC Fitness stands out above other gyms, and it’s not just the cleanliness, abundant and free parking, free protein shake at the end of the workout, towels provided, cold water, etc., but because of the trainer, Eddie. He is by far the best trainer I've worked with. Most trainers I've had experience with (at all of my various Groupon/Living Social deals) seem to have the "1 workout fits all" type of approach. Not Eddie, and this is one of the many reasons that make him stand out above all others.

The group classes are capped at 18 people per class, which allows Eddie to get to know us and our abilities very well. He caters the warrior class to each individual by quickly learning how much we can lift, the reps we can handle, and how fast we can do the various exercises. He also knows the exercises I struggle with and the exercises I love to do. And not only me, he knows this about ALL of his clients. And because of the small class size he is able to keep an eye on each of us and make sure we are using correct form so we can avoid injury. If anyone doing the class has an injury, he adjusts their workout so as not to aggravate the injury. We all push ourselves as hard as we can, and after the workout we feel elated and invigorated, not defeated.

EC fitness really feels like home and that is because Eddie, his wife Hannah, and their daughter Mia treat all of us like family. All of the people that workout at EC Fitness are great also. Probably because Eddie and his family are so great and they attract great people! They bring out the best in everyone. It is a very supportive place with just enough competition to help push oneself.

And to top off everything that Eddie and Hannah do, they find time to do a couple free workouts every summer at the beach. They get up at 4:30am, make several trips from the gym to the beach/park to unload all of the equipment (sleds, med balls, weight plates, dumbbells, tents, tables, chairs, etc.) for a 9am workout. Sleep is a high commodity and their one day away from the gym is priceless - and yet they chose to spend it with us and offer a few free beach workouts each summer!

I admit it; I am hooked on my warrior workouts and am so thankful I bought that Groupon that got me started. Oh and did I mention I lost over 37lbs in my first 6 months of working out here? Thanks EC Fitness, and thank you Eddie and Hannah!


I was one of those people that didn't like going to the gym. My exercise routine consisted of a hike or two a month, and walking up the stairs at my office building instead of taking the elevator; so when my coworker asked me to try this new "warrior" class with her, I was hesitant. My coworker also forgot to mention it was an hour long class with high intensity strength and cardio training. This class kicked my butt, but in a good way. After my first class, I was exhausted, but I decided to sign up for more and have been taking warrior classes ever since! He always keeps his exercises interesting to make it more fun, but always challenging.

What really makes this gym different from the others is the trainer. Eddie is the owner and trainer of EC Fitness and he is awesome at what he does. He knows how to adapt to your strengths and weaknesses and motivates you to push harder even when you feel like you can't. After doing warrior classes for a few months I also started the personal training sessions, and I love them. It's very helpful to get the one-on-one attention. In the personal sessions I am able to really focus on my form and posture. Eddie also asked me about my goals and what I want to get out of coming to EC Fitness. At first I wanted lose weight, and to get toned. He actually sat down with me and we set up a diet plan. He made sure I was comfortable with it and could handle the changes. He taught me how to eat again and I learned that everything is in moderation! After I met my weight loss goal (I lost 45lbs!!) I decided I wanted to gain strength. Eddie was quick to adapt and helped me reach my strength goals as well. I can now deadlift 425lbs! Along with deadlifting, some of my all-time favorite exercises include sled pushes, tire flips, rope slams, and all different types of squats!

The other person in the gym is his wife, Hannah. She is super nice and friendly! Most of the time when you walk into a big corporate gym the workers may be intimidating or super unfriendly, but not Hannah. She brings a warm welcoming atmosphere to the gym, she is personable, caring, and makes you feel like you belong there.

The gym is kept very clean. They are constantly wiping down the equipment, vacuuming the floors, and making sure that everything is like new for the next person or class.

My attitude has completely changed about gyms and fitness and it is all thanks to this gym! …And I guess my coworker who introduced me to them! I have been going to this gym since January 2012, and I can honestly say, it has changed my life for the better. Thank you Eddie and Hannah!

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